H. Byron Masterson Elementary

Dear Families,

As the principal of Masterson Elementary, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to our school. I am looking forward to working with each of you to ensure a positive year for your child.

This will be my fifteenth year as the principal of Masterson Elementary, and I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with a dedicated, hard-working staff and honored to embark on the 2015-2016 year with your child.  The elementary years are critical times for children and we want to ensure they feel safe and have a secure, positive learning environment each day they step onto our campus.

We encourage parents to get involved with their child’s education.  Research shows that parental involvement leads to higher levels of academic achievement, positive attitudes, and responsibility. Our parent group, ABC Pals, has been instrumental in supporting numerous student activities throughout the school year.  We will be sharing more information on meeting dates/times during orientation.  

We ask your support, involvement, and commitment to your child’s education and look forward to an exciting school year.  

Laurie McAtee
Masterson Elementary Principal

Masterson K-2 Elementary has an active parent group which sponsors many activities throughout the year for the students. They sponsor school-wide activities and incentive programs that encourage academic achievement and good behavior. The parent group meets each month in the Masterson cafeteria.


Masterson K-2 offers after school tutoring to any student who may need reading support and focuses on areas of weakness on an individual basis. This program is not designed to help with homework, but to reinforce reading skills.


Because our children are so small, we do not promote door to door fundraisers. In order to raise money for field trips, “Activity Day”, and other incentives throughout the year, our ABC Pals parent group organizes various activities. One of the biggest fundraisers is our annual Sweets and Treats Auction held in March. Each classroom donates a themed basket or personalized craft to be auctioned. Items are also donated by teachers and parents for the bake sale. This is a fun night for the entire family! Reasonably priced concessions are available and the Easter Bunny is on hand for free pictures for Masterson students.


In 2008 Masterson began hosting an annual Author's Day.  Each student at Masterson has the opportunity to write and publish his/her own hard cover book.  On Author's Day, parents, relatives, friends, and community members are invited to the classrooms to share in this wonderful celebration!  The hardback books are purchased each year through a grant funded by the Educational Foundation.


“Pizza with the Principal” - Each month, the class with the best attendance percentage has pizza with Mrs. McAtee. The students encourage their classmates to have good attendance throughout the year.


Our ABC Pals parent organization funds a tile project each year. Every second grade student designs a tile which is permanently displayed in a designated area of our building. Mrs. Caneer, our art teacher, helps each student choose and sketch their design. 

Masterson Elementary
1600 Ely Street
Kennett, MO 63857 
Telephone: (573) 717-1115
Fax: (573) 340-1408

K-5 Handbook 17-18

Laurie McAtee K-2 Principal
Tiffany Patterson Secretary, Principal's Office
Jerry Buchanan K-2 Asstistant Principal
Megan Cohn Secretary, Kindergarten
Emily Andrews K-2 Music 
Leah Anglin Grade 1
Julianna Bell  Grade 2 
Racquel Brown Grade 2
Melissa G. Caneer Art
Brenda Carr Kindergarten
Tiffany Casper  School Nurse 
Rena Edwards  Grade 2 
Teresa Ellis Grade 1
Robin Everett Speech Impairment
Ashley Freeman  Kindergarten 
Laura French  Grade 1 
Melissa Furby Librarian
Rachel Gilmore Counselor
Janeisha Gooden  Grade 2 
Pamela Hinkle Kindergarten
Michelle Hufford Grade 1
Kristi Jett Kindergarten
Holly Kirklin  Grade 1 
Jessica Parr  Grade 1 
Kim Pickens Kindergarten 
Stephanie Pierce Grade 2
Carol Pigmon Migrant/ESL (PT-Time) 
Teresa Poole Kindergarten
Tina Qualls Special Education
Janette Raspberry Speech Therapist
Elizabeth Reeves  Kindergarten 
Jobeth Roberts Kindergarten
Ashley Robinson  Grade 2 
Paula Scherer Grade 1
Caroline Shetley  Kindergarten 
Ashley Stevens  Special Education 
Michelle Thompson Grade 1
Kim Todd Technology
Shonda N. Ward Grade 1
Cheryl Watson  Reading 
Megan Watson Special Education
Mindy Webster  Grade 2 
Melanie Wyatt  Physical Education